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RPM TV Website | March 2, 2021

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Kia Brings the Beauty with New Sportage at Geneva

Kia Brings the Beauty with New Sportage at Geneva
Adam Schoeman

Peter Schreyer, design director at Kia Motors has undoubtedly been earning his weekly wage. The Cerato and Cerato Coup are both very handsome cars and the recently upgraded Sorento is light years ahead in looks when compared to the previous model. But I was stunned when I saw the new Sportage that Kia is intending to unveil in Geneva. I mean come on! Just look at it.

I know I know, it is no Jaguar E type of Porsche Carrera RS but I do think it looks prettier than the Cayenne. The scaled down Sorento curves suit the form factor well and the car looks aggressive but still very smart. Chrome inlays on the nose are just sufficient to accentuate the strong grill without looking flashy which to me sums up the whole car quite nicely. Striking but not in your face flashy. I would imagine that the Sportage will be noticed by passerbies and that their acknowledgements would be of a more dignified manner than say a “pimped” Hummer.

Yes Mr Schreyer, congratulations are in order. This is the first Kia that I am truly excited to drive, and I don’t even know what engines we can expect – and I don’t really care. With looks like this and when compared to Rav4’s and CR-V’s (lucky for the Cayenne the Sportage’s real competitors) I suspect the Sportage will always put a smile on your face. Grinning commences in 2011

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