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RPM TV Website | March 7, 2021

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Porsche Confirms Plans for Sub-Boxster

Porsche Confirms Plans for Sub-Boxster
Adam Schoeman

Autocar is reporting that during an interview with VW Group Chairman Martin Winterkorn, the first official confirmation that a sub-Boxster sports car was being evaluated. He went on to say that it would probably not arrive before late 2012.

There has been speculation of a baby Boxster for a few months, ever since Volkswagen unveiled the BlueSport Concept, a mid engine 4.1 l/100km roadster. Audi, in which Volkswagen has a 99% shareholding, had already embraced the BlueSport Concept’s platform for their Audi R4 (a baby R8 if you like) and to many it seemed logical that Porsche would have similar plans for the platform.

Although the BlueSport Concept uses a 2.0TDi engine don’t expect Porsche to make the move to diesel in its variant. A turbo charged petrol engine is probably what you will find in the back but will still be tuned towards fuel efficiency in an attempt to alleviate pressure from EU emission standards.

The price quoted by Mr Winterkorn is approximately £33,000 which is right on top of the base price of a Boxster in the UK. What we can expect then is the 2012 Boxster and Cayman to move up in cost quite drastically to open up the product line segmentation.

Source: Autocar

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