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RPM TV Website | March 7, 2021

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Rossi F1 Poll Results and Update

Rossi F1 Poll Results and Update
Adam Schoeman

58.6% of RPM TV Online readers might think that Valentino Rossi should not leave MotoGP for F1, but it looks like Valentino has other ideas.

Star of the two wheeled discipline Rossi was seen testing with Ferrari in Barcelona last week and if the lap times are anything to go by we could all be seeing a cross over for the 2011 season. Ferrari is reporting (in a press release so you know they were impressed) that Rossi was lapping the Mugello circuit two-tenths of a second slower that Kimi Raikkonen’s lap record in the same car (a 2008 season Ferrari), which is quite a feat.

This also has Yamaha team manager Davide Brivio worried as he could be losing Rossi next season to Ferrari – a fear that I think is quite justified. I don’t see Ferrari dishing out press releases unless they were seriously considering inviting Valentino to join them.

Thanks to everyone who voted in last week’s poll. This week I would like to know if the 0-100 sprint time of a car means anything to potential buyers. Please go vote on the main page.

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