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RPM TV Website | March 2, 2021

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Update: Toyota Recall Extended to South Africa. SA Car’s Released

Update: Toyota Recall Extended to South Africa. SA Car’s Released
Adam Schoeman


Make Model
Toyota Auris
Toyota Avensis
Toyota Aygo
Toyota Corolla
Toyota iQ
Toyota Rav4
Toyota Verso
Toyota Yaris

Keep in mind that just because your car is on the above list doesn’t mean that the accelerator is going to get stuck down and drive you off the first cliff you pass. Toyota was quick to add that they were not aware of a single accident in Europe that was related to the accelerator sticking in partial or full throttle position. Also, that list is for European cars and might be different for the local market. As an example, here is the American list of affected models, quite different to that of the European list:

Years Make Model
2007–2010 Lexus ES350
2006–2010 Lexus IS
2005–2010 Toyota Avalon
2009–2010 Toyota Corolla
2007–2010 Toyota Camry
2008–2010 Toyota Highlander
2009–2010 Toyota Matrix
2004–2009 Toyota Prius
2005–2010 Toyota Tacoma
2007–2010 Toyota Tundra
2009–2010 Toyota Venza
2009–2010 Pontiac Vibe

Another thing to look out for is if the Toyota Aygo is indeed included in the recall, expect PSA to annouce similar steps with the Peugeot 107 and Cirtroen C1 which are almost mechanically identical to the Aygo. Also, this will most probably become the number one reason why many Toyota owners were speeding-back-there-officer.

Please comment and tell me if this will influence your decision when buying your next car.

Update: Toyota SA sent out a press release last night detailing that had been able to isolate the Auris, new generation Verso and Corolla as part of the technical study of all vehicles that are sold in South Africa. This would imply that these three model ranges will in all possibility be included in the South African recall programme. It went on to say that Toyota has not excluded any other vehicles yet but would clearly communicate its position by next week (8-12 February)

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