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RPM TV Website | February 28, 2021

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0-100 Poll Results, and Hans the Mightly

0-100 Poll Results, and Hans the Mightly
Adam Schoeman

Thanks to everyone who voted in our latest poll. Seems that 0-100 is still important as a criterion for buying a car, something I thought had actually become obsolete. Let me explain.

In the supercar segment I would have thought that potential buyers would be buying a 911 Turbo not because it does 0-100 in sub 4 seconds but because of how it makes you feel when you drive the car, the sound and response of the engine and the gear shift, and how all that compares to a CLK 63 AMG. And lower down the price hierarchy (where we peons play) the times are so close it’s actually irrelevant, and most choices come down to practicality. You cannot tell me that you bought a Discovery 4 over a Prado because the Landy was faster to 100km/h?

The truth is that very (I repeat VERY) few people will ever see the claimed 0-100 sprint time of a car. This is not because manufactures cheat and make up the numbers, but they definitely make sure that everything counts in their favour on that day of testing. Perfect tyre pressure, best grade of fuel available, perfect road surface, perfect weather conditions, and then if all that wasn’t too removed from reality they then go to the company store house and fetch Hans. Now Hans is a man (or women I suppose) who has his entire life only ever driven this one type of car… and only ever in a straight line. And over his 30 years of existence he has mastered only one thing – the precise execution of getting off the line in this specific car as to achieve the best 0-100 time.

So dear readers (and I’m especially talking to the 68.2% of you who still care about 0-100 sprint times) please do not get bogged down by this number. I’m not saying that it is useless but it’s not important enough to sway your choice.

Anyway, for the next poll, I would please like to know how many of our readers have suffered physical damage from potholes on our roads over the last 2 months. The roads have been especially bad and if you have the time, why don’t you send me a picture of the worst pothole you’ve come across. Get me on

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