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RPM TV Website | July 11, 2020

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Mid-engined V6 Twingo concept promises adrenaline rush

Renault Twin'Run Concept Renault Twin'Run Concept Renault Twin'Run Concept
Adam Schoeman

Before this weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix, Renault revealed a new concept car, called the Renault Twin’Run.

Based on the current Twingo platform, and the sister concept car to the all-electric Twin’Z, the Twin’Run provides an excellent preview of what we can expect from the French auto maker’s next-generation Twingo.

But there’s more to the Twin’Run than exterior styling. After all, it was being paraded at the most prestigious Formula 1 race of the year  – which is why Renault also managed to squeeze a 3,5-litre V6 from its Mégane Trophy racer behind the driver.

Mid-mounted, rear-wheel drive hatches are nothing new to Renault: it built a limited production run variant of the Clio II with similar credentials, although we are not too sure how many are still in use, as it was probably one of the scariest hatchbacks ever.

Because the Twin’Run is a concept, the interior reflects a similar disregard for practical realities. Exposed panels keep the weight down to 950 kg, while the big bucket seats and racing harness ensure safety, but are hardly day-to-day practical.

Feeding that V6’s 235 kW to the rear wheels is a six-speed sequential Sadev gearbox, with a mechanical limited-slip diff in between.

Renault Twin'Run Concept

Renault Twin’Run Concept

The concept is officially being heralded as a visual teaser to what the new Twingo will look like, but we are also hoping that it could mark the return of some welcome insanity to the Renault hatchback fleet.

Cars like the Renault 5 Turbo and the Clio II V6 were not the quickest, but they were among the most challenging and fun cars to drive – qualities all too often lacking in today’s pragmatic car designs …

Renault Twin'Run Concept

Renault Twin’Run Concept

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