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RPM TV Website | January 19, 2021

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Gordini name reiterates its extreme reserve

Renault Clio RS Gordini Renault-Clio RS Gordini
Adam Schoeman

As we’ve reported previoulsy, Renault will only be using the Gordini name on the most extreme of its cars in the future. But a new statement by Renault CEO Carlos Tavares could mean that we underestimated just how high Renault is aiming.

According to Tavares, RenaultSport has been instructed to only use the Gordini name on rally or track versions of its RS cars, citing that simple cosmetic changes will not be enough to earn the attachment of the blue and white badge.

Competition-oriented halo models will have to feature at least an increase in power, a reduction in ride height, and/or a lightweight chassis, but the nameplate will not be mandatory for the various models.

This means there is no guarantee that there will be Gordini-branded Clios or Méganes in the future, nor that normal road users will be able to buy Gordini models when and if they appear, since there is no stipulation on whether Gordini versions need to be road legal, according to Tavares.

We’ve been happy to see the history-rich Gordini name elevated to a more suitable, performance-related position within the Renault stable, but we also don’t want it to become a concept-only badge, only appearing on cars that are meant to show what the engineers at RenaultSport are able to do.

The mandate is quite open ended, so hopefully we’ll see some exciting cars emerging out of this, and not just a technological showpieces (or hard-core, track-only racing machines!)

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