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RPM TV Website | October 13, 2021

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Nissan/Renault announce their new modular platform

Nissan/Renault announce their new modular platform
Adam Schoeman

Modular or shared platforms seem to be one of the main ways that vehicle manufacturers are cutting costs on their production lines, and Nissan/Renault is the latest to also announce their shared platform.

Unlike Volkswagen and their MQB platform that is used ‘as is’ on almost every single car that the VW Group produces, Nissan and Renault have split their platform into four separate quadrants, which can be modularly swapped out as needed.

The engine, front under-body, rear under-body and cabin will make up a completed vehicle under the Common Module Family system (CMF), with each of the modules being compatible with each other.

This common interface means that a unique cabin can be developed for a specific vehicle, but as long as it uses the common module interfaces the cabin can be connected to existing CMF parts.

Nissan/Renault says that this will allow them to create cars that are unique but that still offer long-term savings because of the reuse of parts.

11 new Renaults will make use of the CMF architecture including the updated models for the Espace, Scenic and Laguna. Nissan on the other hand will roll out the new Qashqai and X-Trail on the platform.

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