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RPM TV Website | June 4, 2020

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Porsche GT3 RS to be pure track-day weapon

Porsche GT3 RS
Adam Schoeman

Some sneaky spy pictures have emerged of the latest variant of Porsche’s ultimate 911, the GT3 RS, highlighting the direction Porsche will be taking the vehicle.

As pictured, the GT3 RS will sport a fixed wing that could have been built for the team’s new LMP1 Le Mans car, eclipsing in size even some of the more insane Japanese tuner aftermarket fittings.

In a car that is all business all the time, you would think that this sort of thing would be there for practical reasons, and you would be right: according to a source close to the project, Porsche will be focusing on making this RS the biggest leap forward over any previous GT3 model to date.

Power from the GT3’s 3,8-litre six-cylinder engine is set to increase from 355 kW to 373 kW, making it slightly more powerful than the last special edition 4,0-litre RS. This means that the 991 GT3 RS will be the most powerful naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine Porsche has ever produced.

Along with the aerodynamics, Porsche will also be fitting the 918 Spyder’s wheels and tyres to the RS, and while the suspension has been reworked to optimise the amount of traction available from the new rubber.

The RS will also be lighter than the GT3, even though it is unknown how Porsche will manage to cut any more weight from the already stripped-down 911. One thing we do know is that the RS will not save weight by employing a manual gearbox, and will instead stick to the controversial seven-speed PDK dual-clutch ‘box.

By then, Porsche will hopefully have addressed a fire problem that led to the Zuffenhausen company recalling all 785 911 GT3 cars delivered so far after two current-generation GT3s caught fire. The cars will be inspected by Porsche, and owners have been urged not to drive their cars until the inspection has been performed.

Image source: Autocar

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