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RPM TV Website | July 6, 2020

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Group platform for next-gen Panamera

2014 Porsche Panamera
Adam Schoeman

Porsche has confirmed that they will be developing the 2017 Panamera on a shared, group platform as the German performance brand integrates itself deeper into the Volkswagen fold.

The MSB platform is a modular architecture that will cater for cars that have their engines mounted in the nose and use rear or four-wheel drive.

Porsche has also said that they will be developing a set of V6 and V8 engines that will service the Panamera. The new engines will probably share a great deal of basic parts with their Audi counterparts but will have a sportier edge to them.

The next generation of Cayenne will also receive these engines.

Porsche accepting the MSB platform for the Panamera means that the architecture will have to be modified to cope with some of the extreme speeds that the Turbo S will produce. The platform has therefore been strengthened to maintain its integrity at high speeds, which could result in the MSB platform being used by other group members.

The most obvious brand is Bentley, but the luxury brand has not yet confirmed the platform for the new Flying Spur and Continental GT.

Porsche has also been spotted testing a two-door hard and soft-top version of the Panamera, although sources say that the project has to be signed off as destined for production. That being said, the strengthened MSB platform has been packaged-proofed to ensure that if the project does get the green light it will be feasible.

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