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RPM TV Website | August 8, 2020

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Rolls Royce serious about SUV

Roll Royce V12
Adam Schoeman

Rolls Royce has admitted that they are still keen on the idea of a SUV Rolls Royce; even though rumours have been circulating that it would undermine the brand’s strength.

Insiders close to the project have said that they are still only producing rough sketches of how a Rolls Royce SUV would look, and that they have not started tackling actual dimensions, but that the core design elements of the car had already been bed down.

From that, we can expect a SUV to not simple take the shape of a Ghost or Phantom with a slightly raised ride height and all terrain tyres. Instead, Rolls Royce is planning on building a proper SUV that will be built for functionality, maybe even something closer to a shooting brake.

There is no doubt that an interior will be on offer to fit the price tag, but that it will be more closely aligned to something that is ‘cool’ and ‘modern’. This is apparently a response to Rolls Royce’s biggest new market, China, where younger entrepreneurs have been clamouring to own the historically subdued transporter.

Design work on the SUV might have only just started, but that does not mean that it is going to be a decade before they start making their way to the showroom floor. Rolls Royce has pinned a pre-2017 launch date for the SUV, which sounds very aggressive given the current stage of development, but makes sense if you take into consideration its potential competition.

Bentley is also in process of launching their SUV by 2017, which will arguable be the Roll’s main competitor, but we are also expecting a strong challenge from Porsche’s new Cayenne Coupé, even though they will occupy different functions in the market.

It was originally thought that the Rolls would assume one of the V12 engines from the current line up, matched to an existing platform, possibly from the new X7, but according to speculation BMW is working on a brand new, high-tech base to underpin the SUV.

Rumoured to be constructed from a mixture of sophisticated steel, aluminium and carbonfibre-reinforced plastic, this new platform, if true, could also end up serving future Rolls Royce models as well as a possible 9-Series.

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