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RPM TV Website | July 10, 2020

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Limited edition Mégane 275 Trophy set to take on Ring time attack

Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy
Adam Schoeman

Renault has finally revealed its weapon of choice ahead of its official attempt to take back the front-wheel drive Nürburgring lap time record.

The limited-edition Mégane 275 Trophy will have the task of reconquering the record currently held by Seat’s superhot Leon Cupra 280 (basically a Golf R but without the four-wheel drive. The Spanish superhatch beat the time previously set by Renault’s Mégane 265 Trophy.

A few weeks ago, RenaultSport released a teaser image of an Akrapovic exhaust system with the hash tag #Under8, hinting at its intention to take back the record. The Mégane 275 is the car it will use for that attempt.

As the name suggests, this Mégane sports an Akrapovic titanium exhaust, which has added an extra 7 kW to the maximum power output, bringing the total to 202 kW (275 bhp), and linked to 360 Nm of torque. While this is an increase over the previous Mégane, it’s still a few kiloWatts down on the Leon. However, there’s more to the 275 than just a bit of extra urge.

Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy

Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy

A limited slip differential has been fitted as standard, and there’s the option of fitting adjustable Öhlins dampers and springs, as well as a set of Michelin performance rubber wrapped around 19” wheels.

While it’s highly likely that this new Mégane will be able to reclaim the record, we feel that Renault has cheated us in creating the limited-edition model.

The inclusion of adjustable dampers and improved rubber is welcomed, but there was room for so much more. We were actually hoping for something more in the realm of the Mégane R26.R, which underwent such a radical weight reduction programme that the windows swapped glass for flimsy polycarbonate.

Considering that the 275 is likely to be the last RS based on the current Mégane platform we were hoping that RenaultSport would honour the car, which has become one of the most capable hot hatches ever made, with something slightly more special.

The 275 Trophy will go on sale in 20 countries, including South Africa, but will not come cheap as we expect it to be priced at a 20 percent premium over the current 265 Trophy. Orders should open up from June, with and an estimated delivery sometime after October.

Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy

Renaultsport Mégane 275 Trophy

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