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RPM TV Website | January 21, 2021

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Jeep focuses on top-end SUVs with Grand Wagoneer revival

Jeep Grand Wagoneer
Adam Schoeman

Jeep will be releasing a new vehicle that will trump its current top-of-the-range SUV, the Grand Cherokee.

The vehicle in question will revive an historical Jeep name by coming to market as the Grand Wagoneer. The nameplate is particularly interesting because it was Jeep’s very first contender in the luxury 4×4 market back in 1960s, and has been a legend in limbo since 1991, when it was finally discontinued after using the same platform for almost 29 years.

There is no question then that Jeep is very serious about this new vehicle, so much so that it is punting it as a rival to Land Rover’s Discovery Sport and various Range Rover models.

The Grand Wagoneer will come with three rows of seats and will take over from the Grand Cherokee as the most luxurious SUV In the Jeep range. This is all interesting as the current Grand Cherokee is more than just a rugged machine, and has been considered a strong competitor in the luxury SUV market for quite a few years.

It would then seem that Jeep could be readying the Grand Wagoneer as a sort of extremely luxury vehicle, and will probably spare no expense in putting it together. But with the pending arrival of Maserati’s luxury SUV, the Levante, from the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles group, Jeep is in a great position to borrow some technology without eroding either vehicle’s marketing stance.

The Jeep/Maserati dynamic is not as close as, for instance, the Volkswagen/Audi relationship, meaning that neither company would have to worry too much about cannibalising sales, even if there is a strong link between the vehicles.

Either way, it will be a few years before we find out what Jeep is planning, as 2018 is currently mooted as the most likely release date.

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