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RPM TV Website | June 18, 2019

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Facelift Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG to once again claim power throne

Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG
Adam Schoeman

Mercedes-Benz will be initiating a mid-life refresher of its ballistic A45 AMG super-hatchback, due to arrive in Europe during September.

This is just in time for the polished A45 AMG to meet its new rival from Audi, the RS3, and from which we can only assume Mercedes-Benz will be trying to take back the most powerful hatchback crown.

AMG’s hatchback has been the default choice for anyone looking to enter the hatchback market with the most horses under the bonnet, but Audi’s 2,5-litre five-cylinder-powered, and quattro-driven RS3 has recently stolen that accolade away from the insane Merc.

With 270 kW, 5 kW more than the Mercedes-Benz, the RS3 has pushed out the older A-class.

The mid-life refresher could be just what the Mercedes-Benz needs, and according to sources inside the Tree-Pointed Star’s tuning division, there are plans to not just inch past the Audi, but to move the high watermark significantly higher.

Early estimations put the revised A45’s turbocharged 2,0-litre engines output in the region of 280 kW.

If this is true, then AMG will not only improve on the RS3 but will also break its own record of power density, as this engine will be producing 140 kW per litre of displacement. To put that into perspective, a litre of this engine (half of its capacity) could produce nearly as much power as a VW Golf V GTI.

Aside from the power upgrades, Mercedes-Benz is rumoured to be reconsidering the car’s styling in an attempt to differentiate it further from the normal A-class range. This is due to it being possible to order a non-AMG A-class with an aero bodykit that visually makes it look very similar to the AMG.

South Africa dealers will probably only start receiving stock of the new A45 AMG towards the end of this year or early 2016.

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