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RPM TV Website | March 7, 2021

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BMW 335i M Performance February 2015 update

BMW 335i M-Performance Edition
Adam Schoeman

Since November we have managed to put some much needed mileage on our fast 3-series, settling the cars engine and components. Not only has this given the engine some much needed ‘running-in’ time but it has also given us the opportunity to really get to know the 335i M Performance from the best seat in the house: the drivers seats.

There is no doubt that this colour with the carbon and matt black accents, is the most striking part of the car. As far as we are concerned it is still the rarest 3-series on the road, and we have only spotted one other in this colour. And that was in Cape Town.

Own a BMW 335i? Let us know and we could be asking you to present what you like and dislike about the car on the show!

The majority of the mileage that the BMW has accumulated was from highway committing between Pretoria and Johannesburg, a trip that the BMW has been perfect for. In ECO mode with the cruise control set to the speed limit fuel consumption of less than 10l/100km is possible, and because this isn’t a full blown M car it is still comfortable.

The suspension is forgiving and the seats are generously plush, so even after a hour long highway ride you still feel fresh.

The car’s power delivery in COMFORT mode is sufficient to get past most slow moving vehicles, or to take a otherwise difficult to reach gap in traffic. Unfortunately in ECO it takes too long for the gearbox to react to a sharp prod of the accelerator, so any manoeuvre normally starts with a change from ECO to COMFORT.

It is these attributes along with a generous boot that makes it more of a GT car than an executive saloon. It has power when you need it, but will swallow up road trips with ease. You don’t feel the need to keep the car in SPORT or SPORT+ and drive flat out all the time to get the best out of it (like the M3) nor does it need you to trash it to not feel like you are standing still (like the 316i).

So could this be the perfect 3-series? Maybe, but it is too soon to tell for sure.

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