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RPM TV Website | March 1, 2021

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Long-term Update: BMW 335i M Performance Edition

BMW 335i M-Performance Edition
Adam Schoeman

On RPM TV we are lucky enough to drive a variety of different cars, and while it is mostly an assortment of all sorts, the year so far has been one sports car after the next. We recently had a very fast and very luxurious car right after a breakneck sports car and I was asked if it is ever difficult giving these sorts of vehicles back after the few days that we have with them. Well I don’t know about the rest of the team but its easy with my long term BMW 335i M Performance!

The truth of the matter is that I find this BMW supremely relaxing. I don’t know if it is the oversized yet comfortable sports seats, or the fact that it looks so good, or that the engine has the right mix of power and torque, but the 335i M Performance is just a pleasure to be in.

Own a BMW 335i? Let us know and we could be asking you to present what you like and dislike about the car on the show!
I think that there is always something to appreciate. Coming from a hardcore sports car I am grateful for the softer ride and easily accessible power, while stepping into the BMW after a brutish V12 turbocharged saloon car I was thankful to get more than 300km per tank of fuel.

Its like coming home where you know where everything is and know how it works, and to top it off it all works really really well. This might sound boring or dull, but in reality it manages to straddle a point where it ticks all the boxes, but also doesn’t sacrifice one for the other.

Now that we have gotten use to what our 335i is capable of we will be dropping it off at BMW for a ECU sprucing, and a little more power. Will it be enough to once again challenge the M3? We’ll find out soon!

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