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RPM TV Website | November 29, 2020

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Junior Jaguar SUV to take on BMW X1

Jaguar F-Pace concept
Adam Schoeman

Jaguar is already planning to take on the next big motoring segment that they are not represented in, and it is another crossover.

According to sources, Jaguar higher ups have given their approval to look into the possibility of engineering a baby SUV crossover; roughly the size of the BMW X1.

As of yet, Jaguar do not have any SUV/crossovers in their lineup but their slightly larger model, the F-Pace, is in the final stages of production and should establish a foothold for Jaguar to work from.

The F-Pace, according to Jaguar, will try and steal some of the Audi Q5 and BMW X3 customers, offering a performance and handling orientated drive that is only matched by its design.

Recently we have seen that Jaguar has aligned themselves to the idea of a car that is the best handling car in a segment; the XE was built to take the handling and enthusiastic driving crowns away from its competitors, and the same is true for the F-Pace, so we can only assume that a ‘Petite-Pace’ will follow the same principals.

Jaguar is fortunate with the F-Pace because of its technology sharing between them and Land Rover, which gave them access to a mature platform onto which they could build their crossover. But going smaller than the Evoque and F-Pace is not that simple.

The change in size is dramatic and would need a fair amount of work and therefore investment to get right, which is why this project is far from certain.

That being said, the smaller but still premium Jaguar SUV market contains a lot of buying power and has almost become the new entry point for younger customers, a market that manufacturers are normally desperate to win over.

With the potential of returning and life long customers there is a good chance that Jaguar will find a way to put this car into production.

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