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RPM TV Website | August 3, 2020

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Volkswagen planning performance Tiguan Coupé

Volkswagen Tiguan Coupé
Adam Schoeman

Volkswagen is planning on adding a performance model to its upcoming Tiguan Coupé SUV range later in its lifespan, which will offer Golf R levels of power.

The Tiguan Coupé is Volkswagen’s attempt at offering a more stylish small SUV and will fight for dominance against Range Rover’s Evoque and BMW’s X2.

The Coupé will not really be a coupé, and will still use a practical four-door five-seat layout. It will also be built on the same MQB platform as the rest of the Tiguan range, although it will be lowered and will be styled more aggressively.

Expect a more rakish roofline, as well as a shorter but fatter C-pillar to give the car a coupé look.
The Coupé R will take that more progressive styling and merge it with R levels of performance, which will be transplanted from the Golf R and Golf Estate R. We expect the same turbocharged 2,0-litre motor and four-wheel drive setup to give the Coupé R its can-do attitude.

Overseas this translates to approximately 220 kW and 380 Nm of torque, but the local Golf Rs are detuned to 206 kW.

It is also unlikely that the Tiguan R will be offered with a manual gearbox and will probably only be available with a six-speed DSG dual-clutch ‘box.

Hot smaller SUVs seem to be the new hot hatches as more and more manufacturers are pimping their crossovers to be more attractive to those that are performance-minded, but also want a car that is bigger than a hatchback.

The Tiguan is interesting because it plays in two markets at the same time; because of its size and power it competes against the Audi SQ5, the soon to be released Range Rover Evoque SVR and the BMW M-Performance version of the X2.

On the other side it also competes against the smaller but more powerful crossovers such as the Audi RS Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG in terms of price. The RS Q3 is wickedly quick but is a far smaller SUV than the Tiguan Coupé. It is also only marginally quicker than the Tiguan Coupé R at 4.8 seconds opposed to 5.2 seconds to complete a 0-100km/h sprint.

The Tiguan Coupé is due to be launched in 2017 after the new Tiguan makes its debut next year, and the R is expected to follow the following year in 2018.

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