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RPM TV Website | January 19, 2021

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Track-focused M4 GTS coming in 2016

Adam Schoeman

BMW will be producing the M4 GTS Concept which has been seen doing some very visible testing as the safety car for MotoGP.

Billed as a track-focused but road legal BMW M4, the car merges some of the racing technology used on the safety car with traditional aerodynamics and weight reduction.

The most exciting part of the GTS is undoubtedly the water-injection system. It injects water vapour into the inlet manifold, which lowers the temperature of the air entering the cylinder to increase power delivery.

Power from the 3,0-litre straight-six engine is increased by 8 percent using this technology, yielding an expected total of 342 kW. Torque is expected to increase by a similar margin.

Keeping with the track day theme, the GTS has an altered aerodynamics package which includes an adjustable front splitter and boot-mounted rear wing. Both can be tuned to give the driver more or less downforce.



The bonnet has been replaced with a carbon fibre-reinforced plastic unit which reduces the car’s overall weight but also lowers the centre of gravity, improving cornering.

Suspension and chassis modifications will give the GTS a greater sense of agility on the track, but reduce its usability no the road as the car will be harsher over the rough stuff. A new tyre configuration sees the GTS running on 265/35 R19 front rubber and 285/30 R20 gumballs at the rear.

Not all modifications are strictly track day armaments, as the GTS will also be the first BMW to feature OLED taillights.

The M4 GTS will be a limited edition in the same vein as the M3 CSL and M3 GTS, so expected production numbers will be small and the price tag considerably higher. These models normally sell out very quickly and should hold their value, so don’t expect to pick up a cheap one in two year’s time …

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