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RPM TV Website | January 24, 2022

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Audi transforms Q1 into Q2 for 2016

Audi Q1 Concept
Adam Schoeman

Audi is on track to launch its upmarket supermini SUV crossover for 2016, but after some name-shuffling it will not be called the Q1 as originally thought.

Instead, the newcomer will be badged as a Q2, leaving the door open for an even smaller SUV, although this has not yet been confirmed.

The change of names comes after Audi successfully acquired the Q2 and Q4 names from Fiat Chrysler Automotive (FCA).

The move does not change much regarding the latest and smallest SUV from Audi, except to confirm that it will target a more premium market, as opposed to being an entry-level Audi, a market that the A1 supermini has been targeting since its launch.

This means that while the Q2 will be sized to compete against the likes of Nissan’s Juke and Renault’s Captur, the execution and cabin quality will put it above current-generation crossovers.

Powering the Q2 will be an engine line-up similar to that of the A1, so expect a set of three and four-cylinder engines in both petrol and diesel. The petrol units will all be turbocharged and presumably will be available in a choice of 1,0, 1,2 and 1,4-litre displacements.

The diesel model is expected to use the latest 2,0-litre oil-burner from the EA family.

There have been rumours of additional variants being added later as the Q2 establishes itself, including an e-tron hybrid model, as well as a SQ2. The SQ2 could reuse the 170 kW 2,0-litre engine and four-wheel drive transmissions from the S1.

The S1 was never an assumed model for the A1 because of the difficulties in putting the quattro four-wheel drive system in such a small form factor. But because the Q2 will be receiving quattro as an optional extra over the standard front-wheel drive layout, the chances of a SQ2 are much higher.

It is not known how premium Audi will go with the Q2, but there have been rumours that it will use the same digital instrument cluster as the TT. Originally it was thought that this would impact on the manufacturing cost of the car too much, but Audi is keen on using the technology on as many models as possible as it negates the need for an additional infotainment screen.

Hopefully we will get a glimpse of the Q2 before the end of the year, and seeing as its being referred to as the 2016 Q2, there is a good chance that an un-camouflaged Q2 will creep into the news before January.


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