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RPM TV Website | September 22, 2021

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Nismo GT-R focuses on track-time accessories

SEMA Nissan Nismo GTR N Attack SEMA Nissan Nismo GTR N Attack
Adam Schoeman

Nissan will be releasing a Nismo-built bolt-on pack for its GT-R supercar which will focus on achieving the ultimate Nürburgring lap time. Nissan recently posted a new, blistering Nürburgring time of 7m08,679 with a GT-R Nismo that is meant to be set up in a similar way to what this package will offer.

The pack, which has been called the N Attack package, will be offered to buyers of new or older Nissan GT-Rs but will not feature any performance upgrades in terms of raw power output.

Instead, the N Attack package adds a large rear spoiler and slight bodywork changes to help add as much aerodynamic downforce as possible, as well as a new suspension set-up.

SEMA Nissan Nismo GTR N Attack

SEMA Nissan Nismo GTR N Attack

The suspension changes are aimed at keeping the car steady and balanced on the Nürburgring’s rough surface, which is often the downfall of many drivers attempting a record run on the infamous circuit. Bucket seats have also been added to keep the driver from being flung around the cabin while dealing with the high Gs around some of the ‘Ring’s high-speed corners.

We doubt though that normal folk would be able to get on the track and set a time even  remotely close to Nissan’s because while the power levels and body work adjustments are the same, Nissan would have had a large crew on site to make sure that everything on the day would play in its favour.

For instance, we would expect that the tyre pressure was determined based on a technical analysis of the weather and the track temperature – something that can’t exactly be bundled that into an aftermarket pack. And that’s only one example …

Nissan will be releasing the N Attack package at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this month and has not yet given any indication of what the cost of acquiring and fitting the pack will be.


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