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RPM TV Website | July 7, 2020

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G90 to be the first new-generation Genesis

Genesis G90 Genesis G90
Adam Schoeman

Hyundai has released renderings depicting a new model from the Korean automaker’s newly established premium sub-brand, Genesis.

The Genesis G90 will be the first product of the newly developed Genesis strategy, and is set to stir up the luxury sedan market with cutting edge style and sheer size.

The Genesis nomenclature is not completely foreign to all markets: Hyundai has been selling cars bearing the nameplate in South Korea and the United States for some time. But following a recent announcement, the G90 is the first car to be released as a purely Genesis product, and not a Hyundai.

Genesis G90

Genesis G90

Hyundai is obviously trying to tap into a different market and feels that it can’t pursue its budget-conscious marketing strategy next to an opulent executive cruiser. So, just like Toyota eventually split the Lexus division from its mainstream models, Hyundai is separating the Hyundai and Genesis brands as far as marketing and brand messaging are concerned.

The G90 is said to offer an impressive array of technological advancements and will most probably be powered by a large-capacity petrol engine.

The G90 does replace the outgoing G90 Genesis, although don’t feel too bad if you haven’t ever heard of it. Hyundai is very specific as to what territories will receive the Genesis brand, and this is unlikely to change, as Hyundai appears to acknowledge the stranglehold of German luxury car brands on the European market.

For similar reasons, the Genesis G90 is an unlikely starter for South African buyers, but Hyundai is planning on releasing six models under the Genesis name including a crossover, a SUV and a coupé – and it’s not impossible that one or two of those, will end up in local showrooms in time to come.

The Genesis G90 will debut in its designated markets during the course of 2016.

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