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RPM TV Website | July 2, 2020

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Lamborghini Urus engine not to move from SUV

Lamborghini Urus
Adam Schoeman

Does the turbocharged Urus signal a change for Lamborghini’s other supercars? Unlikely says chief executive Stephan Winkelmann.

The twin-turbocharged 4,0-litre V8 is poised to be the most powerful engine that the Italian manufacturer has every produced but it is unlikely that it will ever see service in the Huracan or Aventador.

The reason? There is still a romantic idea about supercars that need to be powered by many banked naturally aspirated engines. Swapping out the V12 and V10 engines would then not be the Lamborghini thing to do as they are the original curators of classic supercar motoring.

On top of that, Lamborghini has an ‘one engine, one car’ philosophy, which dictates that each vehicle’s engine will be unique to it. Not reusing their technology might sound like a horrible plan, when compared to Volkswagen’s idea of sharing as many parts and engines as possible. But Volkswagen isn’t building multi-million Rand supercars.

In that segment the more bespoke, the better even if it does cost the company some efficiencies.

That is not to say Lamborghini will never produce a supercar with a forced induction engine. The way things are developing in the manufacturing space means that turbocharging is inevitable, especially on the smaller Huracan. Increased pressure on climate change and emission gases will surely affect how Lamborghini builds their supercars in the future, in the same way that it has started to affect Porsche.

For now, Urus will be the only turbocharged model under the Raging Bull banner and honestly we are quite happy to be stuck with a V12 rather than a smaller motor.

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