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RPM TV Website | September 14, 2019

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Mini reveals eighth model – Clubman All4

Mini All4 Clubman Mini All4 Clubman Mini All4 Clubman
Adam Schoeman

Mini has added yet another model to their expanding lineup, this time taking the hyper practical Clubman and adding All4 four-wheel abilities drive to it.

A four-wheel drive version of the vehicle manufacturer’s pack mule might seem not nuanced enough to call a new model, but Mini believes that their new clutch driven four-wheel drive system is indeed unique enough to warrant the additional form.

A clutch sits between the front and the rear wheels and is for the most part in the deactivated mode; resulting in all of the engine’s power being sent to the front wheels. When the car detects a loss of traction, it can immediately direct torque to the rear.

Mini All4 Clubman

Mini All4 Clubman

Mini has also installed a new driving dynamics system for the four-wheel drive that can brake or send power to the individual wheels, essentially giving the driving system torque vectoring control per wheel.

The result is a Mini Clubman that is 30% more efficient regarding fuel consumption and torque use when the car is only being powered by the front wheels, and that can straighten a fading line during hard cornering. The Mini is of course also more usable on snow and ice; a real concern for European buyers.

Mini has realised that the four-wheel drive setup makes this Mini a premium product and have therefore decided only to release it with their range topping engines. The 140 kW 280 Nm of torque Clubman S engine will be joined by the similarly powered diesel SD. The SD makes do with 135 kW but gains a huge boost in torque, pegging it at 400 Nm.

Mini All4 Clubman

Mini All4 Clubman

Despite its power, the diesel is more fuel efficient than the petrol, is only available with the eight-speed automatic gearbox and is 0.3sec slower that the petrol in a 0-100km/h sprint.

The petrol will be available in a choice of either a six-speed manual or the eight-speed automatic.

The Clubman All4 is scheduled for release at the New York motor show next month.

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