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RPM TV Website | April 6, 2021

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The Mokka goes for its 15 000km oil change

Opel Mokka
Adam Schoeman

As the saying goes, the only things that are sure in life are death and taxes. I would like to add vehicle servicing to that because you can set your watch to it.

In the case of the Mokka, and uncharacteristic for me, it has reached its first mileage milestone thanks to a quick trip down to Struisbaai in December. It has been booked in for a 15 000km service at the William Hunt Fourways which services all the GM brands such as Opel, Chevrolet, and Isuzu.

I loathe car services because they are always a chore. You have to break routine to drive somewhere and stand in a line; wait for someone to poke at your car; sit in a courtesy car and while being dropped off back home, and all of this takes place in peak hour traffic.

Needless to say,  I am not looking forward this excursion, but the Mokka’s Please Change Engine Oil diagnostic message had been displayed for so long that cancelling it has been embedded into my starting-the-Mokka ritual.

Luckily the William Hunt Fourways dealership is on Cedar Road, which is five minutes away from me. They also open at 07h00, so I could miss some of that that peak hour traffic, and because they are so close, I managed to convince my wife to drive behind me and, once the admin is done, ferry be back home.

I was feeling less good about this choice as we made our way up Witkoppen towards Cedar, sailing past the endless gridlocked traffic that awaited us on the way back. I could feel the scowls coming from my rear view mirror.

I arrived five minutes early at the dealership and was told by the gentleman at the gate to park in front of either door One or Two. There were some more diligent owners there before us who had already parked their cars in front of the gates. These servicing gates act as queuing stations so that if you get their first you park your car in the first position. I like the organisation of this because there is nothing like an ill-managed line to turn humans into wrecking balls of verbal abuse.

Five minutes the administrative people at William Hunt started to process the vehicles in the order that they had lined up. Today was not a typical day for me because at 15h00 I needed to Mokka back as we were moving house. I, therefore, needed to make sure that the service was completed in time. Otherwise it would be a long and hard walk with a suitcase full of personal effects on my back.

I relayed this to the lady that was helping me with the Mokka, but she didn’t seem all that interested in my question and instead told me that they would have to see how long the service would take. A fair, and probably very accurate answer, but it felt as if she could have made more of an effort.

Back in my wife’s car and luckily the traffic has died down (magic I think) and we’re back home in no time where the day commences as usual.

Round about midday I receive a call from the dealership saying that the vehicle has just gone to the wash bay, and I can come and pick it up in an hour or so. I like this because they know that I am in a rush and are effectively giving me a choice between usability and cleanliness. I choice the vacuum because it is ready earlier than I thought. Also it is hard to say no to a clean car.

Finally, one last hitchhike to the dealership, and the Mokka is returned looking clean and fresh and not moaning about the old oil that it had to endure over the quiet December period.

The service was above average at William Hunt Fourways. The check-in process is excellent, and while their staff can seem a little unfriendly, they are helpful and got the Mokka out of the workshop way before my deadline.

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