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RPM TV Website | August 2, 2020

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V12 M-Performance for BMW M760Li

BMW M760Li BMW M760Li BMW M760Li
Adam Schoeman

In an age of downscaling it is impressive to see a mainstream vehicle manufacturer taking the plunge and releasing an oversized luxury limousine. But what makes the BMW M760Li so much more nod-worthy is that it doesn’t use a modified version of the M5’s 4,4-litre twin-turbocharged, but rather a stacked 6,6-litre V12.

Mind you, this isn’t the V12 of yesteryear which has proudly served the 760i range in the past; this one uses a pair of turbochargers to achieve its claimed 440 kW and 800 Nm of torque.

BMW M750Li

BMW M750Li

Those are impressive figures, trumping the M5 in Competition spec by 25 kW and 100 Nm, and is why BMW so prominently displays the M badge in front of the 7 Series designation.

It is no slouch either, but were you expecting it to be with 800 Nm of torque? BMW claims the M760Li can crush a 0-100 km/h sprint in 3,9 seconds, thanks to the added power and a four-wheel drive transmission. That’s an eight-tenths of a second improvement over the previous fastest 7-Series, the 750i M Sport.

Keeping with the performance theme, BMW has also made a few additional modifications to justify the M name tag. The quad-exhaust system has been configured to produce sportier sounds while new software for the gearbox enables faster gear changes.

BMW M750Li

BMW M750Li

The car also wears a slightly more aggressive M Performance body kit and rides on a set of unique 20-inch wheels.

Being a 7-Series you can expect a load of technological and luxury options to enhance your drive, but for the first time, you can also hold your own in a drag race. Audi’s S8 Plus is still the class leader, beating out the M760Li by 0,1 seconds and 5 kW, while Mercedes-Benz’s S65 AMG, which has more power than either the BMW or Audi, struggles to wrestle those Newton meters onto the tar through its rear-wheel drive set-up.

In South Africa, you might not have a choice because the Audi is simply not an option for local leisure hooligans, so if you are looking to go very fast, but without sacrificing opulence in the process, the M760Li seems like the best way to do it.

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