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RPM TV Website | August 2, 2022

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RPM TV Schedule 08 June 2016: Ranger vs Amarok, Smart ForFour, Audi Q3

RPM TV Schedule 08 June 2016: Ranger vs Amarok, Smart ForFour, Audi Q3
Deon Schoeman

With price tags hovering around the R600k mark, the Ford Ranger Wildtrak and the VW Amarok Ultimate are two of SA’s most expensive four-wheel drive double cab bakkies. But how do they compare? We put the two flagships to the test to find out.

It used to be called the Swatch Car when the Swiss watch maker was keen on building a city car. Then Mercedes-Benz took it under its wing. And now, the latest generation Smart models have reached our shores. This week, we drive the new Smart ForFour Passion.

Our long-term test fleet has been bolstered by the addition of an Audi Q3 1.4 TFSI S-tronic. An inaugural journey to the Southern Drakensberg answers some questions on the capabilities of the small-engined softroader.

RPM remains in its normal time slot at 20h30 on SuperSport 8 on Wednesday 08 June. As last-minute changes to the broadcast schedule are frequent, please check the latest transmission schedule under ‘Motorsport’ on the SuperSport website’s ‘TV’ section, or the DStv Electronic Programme Guide.

If you have a PVR decoder, set it to record the entire RPM TV series, and never miss an episode!

Here’s this week’s broadcast schedule:
RPM TV Ep355_Schedule


  1. J.P.Smit

    Good Evening,

    Thanks for the great Show. I would just like to inform you of an mistake made on your “Ford vs Amarok” insert in this Episode. You mentioned that both “bakkies” have four cylinders engines. This is not the case, yes Amarok has a 2.0L 4 cyl engine, but the Ranger 3.2L has a 5 Cylinder engine. Ford’s smaller 2.2L has an 4 Cylinder engine.

    Hope you take this in a friendly comment.

    All the best and Keep up the great work.

    • Deon Schoeman

      Hi JP – yes, we’re aware of the blunder and have in fact already delivered a corrected version of the show to SuperSport which will start broadcasting over the weekend. We’ve had a flurry of comments, mails and messages, which suggests that RPM viewers are wide awake, and know a thing — or five — about vehicles! Thanks for taking the trouble to point out the error – and thanks for your support of the show.

  2. J.P.Smit

    Only happy to keep you all on your toes… 🙂

    Best of luck for the rest of the season.

  3. Pieter Rossouw

    Unfortunately I missed this episode. As it happens, I am in the process of buying double cab. After a long process and much deliberation, the choice is between a Wildtrack an Amarok. Where can we find this video?

    • Deon Schoeman

      Hi Pieter – we are in the process of streamlining our internal production flow, and will recommence posting on YouTube soon. With regards to the Wildtrak vs Amarok debate, much depends on how you will use the vehicle – especially time spent on-road vs off-road, and the level of off-road terrain you’re likely to tackle. There’s no doubt that the Amarok is the more car-like, more comfortable and more refined vehicle. But if conquering tough 4×4 terrain is a frequent priority, you may find that Ranger Wildtrak the better option.

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