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RPM TV Website | July 14, 2020

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Continental tyres help economy drivers to shatter records

Continental tyres help economy drivers to shatter records
Deon Schoeman

A team of economy aces has set a pair of all-new distance records for petrol and diesel-powered vehicles – and both record-breaking cars were fitted with Continental ContiSportContact 5 tyres.

The objective of the team was to beat its own existing South African one-tank record of 1 941 km, set in 2011 with two VW Golf Bluemotion 1.6 TDI models. The team comprised Malcolm Kinsey, Con Engelbrecht, Schalk van Heerden, Huibert Phielix, Ken Sink and Rod Kinsey.

The crews started their record attempt at the South African border with Zimbabwe at Beit Bridge, driving a Porsche Panamera 3.0 V6 Diesel and a VW Passat 1.4 TSI. The two vehicles set off along the N1, travelling via Pretoria and Bloemfontein all the way to Cape Town, before heading north up the West Coast.

In order to ensure the validity of the record attempt, the drivers were required to stick to all the normal rules of the road – albeit travelling at a fuel-saving average speed of approximately 69 km/h in the VW Passat, and around 80 km/h in the longer-geared Porsche Panamera.

Other than pumping the ContiSportContact 5 tyres to the maximum recommended pressures in order to reduce rolling resistance, no other changes or modifications were allowed.

After two-and-a-half days of driving, excluding the obligatory overnight stops, the Passat eventually ran out of fuel after covering 2 029 km – a new one-tank record. The average fuel consumption was 4,1 l/100 km.

The Panamera soldiered on for another four hours, eventually coming to a halt after clocking a remarkable 2 201 km, for an average of 4,9 l/100 km.

Continental Tyre SA marketing manager Niel Langner says the tyre fitted to the two record breakers are among the brand’s sportiest high-performance tyres, delivering excellent grip, handling and braking.

“This proves that with the right tyre, motorists can enjoy exceptional performance and safety, while also benefitting from low fuel consumption and high mileage,” he added.


  1. Andre Kleyn

    Quite an impressive achievement. It shows with the proper driving methods, expertly tuned car and the correct rubber excellent results can be achieved. #ContiForEver

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